05 Jul

Mere geeet tumhare paas sahara pane aayenge,
Mere baad tumhe ye meri yaad dilane aayenge I

Thori aach bachi rahne do, thora dhuaa nikalne do,
Kal dekhogi kai musafir issi bahane aayenge I

Unko kya malum virupit iss sikta par kya beeti,
Wo aaye to yaha sipia uthane aayenge I

Rah-rah aakho mein chubhti hai path ki nirjan dophari,
Aage aur badhe to sayad drisye suhane aayenge I

Maile mein bhatke hote to koi ghar phucha jata,
Hum ghar mein bhatke hai, kaise thoor-thikane aayenge I

Hum kya bole iss aandhi mein kai gharonde tut gai,
In asafal nirmitiyo ke sab kal pahchane jayenge II



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2 responses to “MERE GEET TUMHARE PAAS…

  1. dulu

    November 14, 2015 at 8:52 PM

    Very nice…


    August 30, 2016 at 2:27 PM

    I am from Hindi Medium student. In the year 1986 I was in 11th std. & got admission in English Medium (In Pune, Maharashtra) because there was no hindi medium college. There were all the subjects in english except one subject in Hindi – 2nd language. It was very difficult to understand the english & always crying for the same. There were many students were from hindi/ Sindhi/ Marathi medium but I was thinking only for myself “How to pass the Exam”. I was always RATTAFYING. If I was asking for tution people were laughing at me “Pagal hai kya Koe 11th me tution jata hai, tuhi bahut padhanewala hua hai, jab dekho tab sirf padhai aur tution ki baat karta hai,ect.” like this many were teasing me. At the time of, before Diwali vacation there was a mid term exam and I was FAILED 6 subjects except HINDI( total 7 subjects). Hindi language was only the subject which I could understand & passed. After getting result at home (during Diwali Vacation in the year 1986) I was always in tention & very much distrress, when my father see me ask what is problem ? I ignore but could not inform about my result. One day (a week before college re-open), always in tention regarding my study, I was slept & it was very sound sleep for 3-4 hours in a day. After got up from myself, suddenly came in my mind “Chalo kuchh padh lo, kya padhenge, jo samajh me aye wahi padhenge” I took my bag & close my eyes, jo subject hath me ayega wahi padhenge, hindi subject came in my hand, phir kaon sa path padhenge, jo nikal jaye wahi padh lenge, like this I was asking questions & also answering myself, jaise he book open kiya vase he ye he chapter yaya “Mere Geet Tumhare Pass Yaad Delane Jayenge” written by Ho’ble Dushyant Jee, It was in the brief before geet started, written ” Anterik Bhatkav, Bhahari Bhatkav se kae guna khatarnak hai” whatever the words mentioned then but the meaning understood by me is” Samasya koe bhi ho, yadi aap bahar bhatate bhatakte kisi se punchhate hai to rasta jarur milege, par yadi app under se bhatak jayeange to kabhi rasta nahi milega. After just reading I closed the book & went out & sit in muft vachanalaya janha news paper free me padhane ko milta hai. I got one hindi news paper ” AAJ KA ANAND” usme ek Suvichar chhapa huwa tha, by Mahatma Gndhi ” Bani huwi cheej ko bigad kar koe nae cheejh banai jay usme koe bhdhmani nahi hai, par bani huwi cheejh ko samhalte huwe koe nae cheejh ko banaya jaya, jiski mahanta kae guna jyada hai” after reading this thoughts I left the news papern & went to one Book Seller shop- Guru Krupa and bought one Ink Pen and shop keeper filled the Ink & gave me then I was testing but it was not writing then I asked him bhai ye to chalata hi nahi hai then he took the pen from me the wrote “RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM” 5 times & gave me again. I took the pen & came home. I took one rought note book rulled & started writing RAM RAM ……..and decided I will not leave it till i gate bored or book will be over or tired but nothing had happened and I was writing & enjoying (around 2 hrs). In the evening mother asked me for dinner. I got up & had full dinner and after every one slept I started writing RAM RAM…….till I got sleeped. From next day the word “Anterik Bhatkav, Bhahari Bhatkav se kae guna khatarnak hai”, Mahatma Gandhi’s thought and shop keepers words written RAM …. was alwasy remembering. And started asking for tution outside the people. After one week I got one lady teacher who was ready for teaching all the subject in hindi but asked to have some more students, this was also the problem for me to whom should I asked for the same. Again I started asking to my classmates who were studying with me in hindi medium, they also became ready and by the way we became 7 people then I asked that teacher & she was also ready. After college started one week I got the tution class with another 6 students, I was very happy that now I will not be failed and anyhow will pass the exam. Tution class started very nice way, and my all tention gone. But after 4-5 days my classmates were started doing jobber work, teasing to teachers, making comments on each other and teachers, etc. and teacher got angered at the end of the class and said from tomarrow there will not be the class and you see yourself. Again I was in tention but not like the tention which was before getting the class, somehow I got the class and it is over, started searching another class but could not find, But by remembering word of Dushyant Kumar Jee, Mahatma Gandhi & Shop Keers, I couraged to do something from myself. Very first I chalk out the Time Table for my 24 hours & started studying with understanding, with Guides, Dictionery and and ask the meaning from the other coleagues who were from English medium. While I was studying I use to close the door and with full concentration by understanding the english meaning in hindi in such a way that if some friends come to my house and asking, knocking the door, I was not able to listen and understand that someone is calling me. And like this studying I passed the examp in 11th std. Again the problem started in 12th std. that time many teachers were ready for the tution class but the teacher to whom I was searching, he was ready but after 1 month, again next month…like this he took the class for the last 2 months and only Accounts subject, that fees of Rs.75/- per month which was very high for me I went only for ONE MONTH & quit. and doing study the same as 11th std and passed the 12th std. with 2nd class marks, like this I completed my Graduation ( but non of the year I was failed. After Graduation I started searching the job and got it, whatever job I got, started working.. Today almost 30 years passed & I am just sitting in my office in free time at Muscat (Oman) I was just thingking and remember my old days but whenever I am in any problem I alwasy remember all 3 words & do my work …..

    Dushyant Kumar Jee – Koti koti Pranam

    Baliram Rajukumar Singh,
    Sky for Investment
    Mob No. +968 97060184 (Muscat)
    +91 9850001389 (India but now closed)


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